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December 10 02:19 AM

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Featured Employer – LaunchCode

Featured Employer – LaunchCode

July 2, 2019 in Featured Employers / by Alex Carnahan

Centriq’s IT Career Program grads work for some really great companies. We asked Zachary Callaway, Candidate Engagement Manager at LaunchCode, to tell us about his company and why they hire Centriq grads.


  1. How would you describe your company?LaunchCode is a nonprofit organization building a skilled workforce by creating pathways for driven people seeking careers in technology. We are helping jobseekers enter the tech field by providing accessible education, training and paid apprenticeship job placement.
  2. How big is your IT staff? What do they do?We place candidates with companies around town, so IT staff varies depending on where an apprentice is placed.
  3. Tell us something impressive/unique about your company or your IT department.Our apprenticeship program gives Centriq grads a unique opportunity to start their dream job in tech with one of our amazing company partners. Candidates placed through LaunchCode apprenticeships earn promotions and grow professionally at a rate similar to peers with past experience and degrees.
  4. How many Centriq grads has your company hired?We have consistently placed Centriq grads in apprenticeships since coming to Kansas City in 2016.
  5. What do Centriq grads work on at your company?Within apprenticeships, Centriq grads can take on a variety of roles with our company partners, such as front end developer, full stack developer, back end developer, SQL developer, QA analyst, etc.
  6. What sets Centriq grads apart from other candidates?

    We love Centriq grads because they consistently impress our partner companies with robust projects and a solid foundation of coding fundamentals.