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September 25 04:20 PM

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Featured Employer – Freedom Staffing

Featured Employer – Freedom Staffing

May 7, 2020 in Featured Employers / by Alex Carnahan

Freedom Staffing

Centriq’s IT Career Program grads work for some really great companies. We asked Shannon Morris, Owner of Freedom Staffing, to tell us about her company and why they hire Centriq grads.

  1. How would you describe your company?

Freedom Staffing believes it is all about our people and those we serve. We want our teams to enjoy their work and feel a sense of purpose. Our teams work to provide excellence in delivering IT solutions and strategies that advance the goals of the most sophisticated systems and organizations.

  1. How big is your IT staff? What do they do?

Our team is based across the nation with an excellent presence in Kansas City. We support many Defense Contracts and sponsor our team’s secret clearances. Our organization handles all aspects of IT from infrastructure to software and technical writers to project managers. We take a special interest in our service men and women as they transition from the military. Our teams feel a sense of purpose and a strong sense of accomplishment.

  1. Tell us something impressive/unique about your company or your IT department.

Our organization was just awarded the Gold Medallion for our service to the military as well as our ability to support a Veteran workforce. Out teams have received honors across the spectrum for our efforts in support of the Department of Defense. Our employees are supporting our military service men and women around the globe.

  1. How many Centriq grads has your company hired?

We hire every candidate that comes to us from Centriq with the ability to get the secret clearance. We have built a supportive relationship with the Centriq team and know the candidates from Centriq will have great success in our careers.

  1. What do Centriq grads work on at your company?

The Centriq grads are supporting the Enterprise Service Desk, IT Specialist roles, Network Operations as well as Cyber Security functions. These roles include Desktop, Network and security support functions as well as architecture and design.

  1. What sets Centriq grads apart from other candidates?

The Centriq students come with hands-on experience that leads them to leadership roles in the positions we have at the Department of Defense. The graduates impress our management with their ongoing certification goals and determination to make an impact within IT. The Centriq students in many cases are true technologists who hunger to learn and advance their knowledge as not only a career but as a hobby. This curiosity allows the organizations they support to advance their services and in their terms go from “Good to Great.”