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November 29 05:32 PM

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Featured Employer – DSI

Featured Employer – DSI

June 26, 2017 in Featured Employers / by Alex Carnahan

Over 15 Centriq grads work at DSI today. We asked Alex Unruh, Talent Acquisition Specialist at DSI, to tell us about his company and why they hire Centriq grads.

  1. How would you describe DSI?

DSI is a supply chain platform company that enables mobile-first and cloud supply chain solutions for the digital economy. Our solutions include standalone and integrated Warehouse Management, Inventory Management, Delivery & Route Sales, Field Service, Fixed Asset Management, and over 200 other Mobile Apps. DSI has over 2,000 customers and a 98 percent customer retention. DSI was founded in 1979 and is located in Kansas City, Missouri with offices in Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, United Kingdom and Singapore with more than 300 employees.

  1. How big is your IT staff? What do they do?

Approximately 147 people are involved in development at DSI. That includes our traditional software developers, testers (manual & automated), technical consultants, network engineers, system administrators, system developers and ERP developers.

  1. Tell us something impressive about your IT department.

Our team has come together quickly and required a fast learning curve of both our development environment and our industry. Our product has a lot of visibility and quick releases. The software development team has handled the pressure and spotlight very well. We have a good mix of Centriq grads and college grads. Everyone is able to work together seamlessly regardless of their background. The most impressive thing has been how quickly the Centriq members adapted to our proprietary code base and delivered key components of our product.

  1. How many Centriq grads has DSI hired?

We started hiring Centriq grads in 2014 and have hired around 25 alums to date.

  1. What do Centriq grads work on at DSI?

At DSI, we have a variety of technologies that grads will get exposed to. Depending on the team, they could work with C#/.Net, Java, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, ERP Integrations and a number of different APIs.

  1. What sets Centriq graduates apart from other candidates?

Centriq grads bring with them a body of work that can be reviewed. They complete real world projects and publish them to the web. We, the interviewer, can review that work as part of the interview process. This is usually not available from an entry level candidate outside of Centriq. Centriq does a good job of exposing the student to full stack development. This is important because we offer opportunities within the full stack (UI/UX, Database, Backend, etc.) and the Centriq grad better understands what they enjoy doing the most.


To learn more about how you can train for a new IT career at a great company like DSI, go to Centriq.com/career/ or call Centriq’s Sr. Education Consultant Russ Mondry at 913-322-7044 or go here to contact Russ online.

To learn more about DSI, go to www.dsiglobal.com/.

To learn more about hiring Centriq grads, go to Centriq.com/hire-it/.