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September 29 10:36 PM

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Featured Developer Student for September 2021

Featured Developer Student for September 2021

September 10, 2021 in Featured Students / by Elizabeth Granada

tell us about yourself.

Hello! My name is Jacob Roelofsz, I am a recent high school graduate that loves to code and play video games. I have been playing video games for as long as I can remember (even if my parents didn’t like it). I have always loved technology which led to me discovering coding during my high school career and I fell in love with it. I loved being able to control the way a computer executes programs.


why did you decide to come to centriq?

I decided to go to Centriq Training because I knew a traditional college wasn’t for me. I’ve never enjoyed being in a classroom setting where I sit in an uncomfortable chair and listen to someone lecture for hours on end barely learning anything. I knew I wanted to have a career with technology so I remember hearing about Centriq on the radio. I read reviews and looked on the website and it sounded like the pace for me.


what class or subject matter has been your favorite and what do you like about it?

So far C# has been my favorite. I liked Front End but I don’t like dealing with placement with CSS and I love writing logic code.


what do you hope to do after centriq?

I hope I can secure a job as a Front-end, Middle-tier, or Back-end Developer after Centriq.


tell us about your interests.

I like video games and hanging out with my family. I also recently visited the Grand Canyon.