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Featured Developer Student for November 2018

Featured Developer Student for November 2018

November 1, 2018 in Featured Students / by Dayna Schroeder




I grew up in Wichita, Kansas, spending my late teens and early twenties in Lawrence, Kansas. After spending some time in beautiful Monterey, California, I lived in Brooklyn, New York for 6 years before moving back to the Kansas City area where I’ve happily resided since 2011. Along the way I taught myself HTML and CSS to be able to make websites for friends working in the creative world. I’ve always enjoyed the challenges posed by teaching myself things and I try to embody the DIY spirit. Though I do find that nothing is better than working with a team.


Q: Why did you decide to come to Centriq?
A: I have an eclectic work history. I’ve done a lot of neat jobs like working for Warner Music Group, doing sound for TV/Commercials, building synthesizers or audio recording gear, moving expensive vintage furniture all over the greater NYC area, bartending and landscaping to name a few. Though always immersed in the culture I was a part of, I found myself most happy when working in HTML, CSS, trying to teach myself JavaScript or thinking about coding. I always wondered if I could find my way into the tech/IT industry other than my part-time freelancing. When I learned of Centriq everything clicked. I had a feeling that I needed to be there and after meeting with the amazing Russ Mondry, I knew I was onto something great and I can’t say how true that has turned out to be.

Q: What class has been your favorite so far?
A: The MVC design pattern is my favorite subject matter. The history is deep and it being transferable between a bunch of languages is exciting. I love wrangling chaos and MVC fits that bill. SQL, JavaScript, C# and the .NET framework have blown my mind and I wouldn’t be able to choose a favorite. They’re all beautiful. The classes, instructors and staff at Centriq have been wonderful and I couldn’t wish for anything more.

Q: What do you hope to do after Centriq?
A: After Centriq, I’m willing to do anything. I’m certainly looking for an opportunity that will offer me room to grow with daily challenges and I’m sure that won’t be hard to find in the thriving Kansas City tech community. I do want to volunteer my time to some of the causes and institutions I’ve been exposed to since starting the program. I know I’ll find my right place. I also hope to stay in contact with the other students in my class. I can’t say how grateful I am to share this experience with them. I’ve made 12 amazingly talented friends.

Q: What other hobbies and interests do you have?
A: I’m very happily married. My true joy is spending time with my wife, Heather, and our cats. I’ve been a musician for 25 years. I’m a guitar player/noise-maker, playing in a band called Major Games for 7 years and more recently Migrainz. I love creating software gadgets to make music with in the Max/MSP visual programming environment. Over time, making music has become an exercise in problem-solving which helped pave my path to Centriq.


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