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December 7 07:02 AM

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Featured Developer Student for August 2021

Featured Developer Student for August 2021

August 6, 2021 in Featured Students / by Elizabeth Granada

tell us about yourself.

Hello! I’m Danielle Smalley. I’ve lived in Missouri almost all my life and will be moving to the KC area soon! Before Centriq, I worked 9 years in client-facing roles such as customer service and sales, mainly in the financial industry. In recent years, I’ve had colleagues suggest that I explore tech roles due to my analytical & detail-oriented nature, and curiosity for technology. I dove into my research, landed here at Centriq as a Full Stack Web Developer student, and feel like I have finally found my niche!

why did you decide to come to centriq?

Centriq’s curriculum was a big factor in my decision. I like that they choose technologies relevant to the area. The instructors are fantastic. Centriq has a good reputation with employers and offers many resources and services through the Career Services team. Learning on my own would have lacked the structure and resources I needed, and the traditional 4-year degree route wasn’t an option timewise or financially. I wanted and needed the immersive experience of a full-time 4-month course.


what class or subject matter has been your favorite and what do you like about it?

Entering the course, I thought it would be everything front-end. However, I found that I love data—both by working with SQL and the data integrations in our MVC weeks. Data is where my curiosity is the largest, though I do have an appreciation for the functionality that all stacks bring to the table.

what do you hope to do after centriq?

I love learning so I am seeking a role where I can continuously be learning, growing, and developing professionally. I aim to find my place at a company that simultaneously values collaboration and autonomy, where I can put my passion for problem-solving and communication skills to work each day.

tell us about your interests.

My fiancé and I have 3 cats that I absolutely adore. I enjoy video games, board games, and reading. I’ve been cooking since I was a child, so you can often find me testing out new recipes. I’m also a big music lover (excited for concerts again post-COVID!), and enjoy traveling when I have the time.