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Do You Maintain IT Certifications for Your IT Department?

Do You Maintain IT Certifications for Your IT Department?

February 27, 2017 in Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

Technology changes with astonishing speed, which makes keeping an IT department up with all those changes one of the biggest challenges a company will face today. How can we know that the people on our teams have experience that is not only up to the right standards, but also up to date? Simple: you keep your employees trained with an ongoing IT certification program.

IT certifications are a great way to ensure every member of your IT team has the base knowledge necessary to do their job effectively, but most certifications need regular renewals. Here’s how to keep your certifications up-to-date.

How often should an IT certification be renewed?

With the number of programs and tech updates out there that an IT department may encounter, it’s no surprise that many companies find it difficult to manage their IT training and to follow the different IT recertification requirements. Some certifications can last for five years, while others must be renewed every two. Here we will look at some of the most commonly sought IT training options, along with the recertification processes.

Cisco Certification – Cisco offers five levels of IT training and certification that help teach, sharpen, and maintain the network skills of IT professionals. The levels include Entry, Associate, Professional, Expert, and Architect. IT recertification at the first three levels is needed every three years, while Expert and Specialist certifications must be renewed every two years, and Architect is valid for five. Recertification can be achieved by advancing to the next level or passing the recertification exam before the current certification expires.

Citrix Certification – The certifications offered by Citrix cover virtualization, mobility, and networking. They are valuable for IT professionals working with XenDesktop, NetScaler, and XenMobile. The certifications are spread across three levels, which are Associate (CCA), Professional (CCP), and Expert (CCE).

The virtualization category of certifications is great for architects, engineers, and consultants. Networking is appropriate for administrators and engineers. The mobility category is great for those handling mobile solutions. All Citrix certifications require IT recertification every three years, which can be completed by passing a new exam before the old certification expires.

CompTIA Certification – IT training through CompTIA offers four different series of certifications that work from basic, to professional, to master, and specialty. Some specific certifications that professional can earn through Comp TIA include:

  • A+
  • Cloud+
  • Cybersecurity Analyst+
  • Network+
  • Security+
  • Advanced Security Practitioner

Each of these options requires IT recertification every three years. The CompTIA continuing education program allows people to complete activities that keep their certifications current without retesting. Others can work to achieve a higher level in order to recertify, or simply pass the most current version of the certification exam.

IBM Certification – IBM offers a vast array of certifications according to specialty and level of expertise, and each recertification may occur on a different cycle of years. The number of certifications and specialties can make managing recertification for entire departments difficult, but IBM has a recertification policy system in place to help. They will track the different departments and certifications being maintained, and send notifications when something needs to be reevaluated or recertified. This helps a business make sure that they are only paying for certifications and programs that are still necessary, and ensures that people are only continuing certifications that are useful and appropriate.

Microsoft Certification – Microsoft offers certifications in a variety of categories to suit many professional needs. In H2 of 2016 Microsoft announced they were streamlining their certifications to align with industry recognized areas of competence, which would allow IT professionals to better showcase specific skills of Microsoft products and services. With this change, they also provided digital badges that allow the completion of a certification and exams to be posted online or on a LinkedIn profile.

The new technical certification categories are:

  • Mobility
    • Key technologies for Mobility competency: Microsoft Intune, Azure Active Directory, Azure Rights Management, System Center Configuration Manager and Windows System Center
  • Cloud: Platform & Infrastructure
    • Key technologies for Cloud Platform competency: Windows Server Virtualization and Microsoft Azure
  • Productivity
    • Key technologies for Cloud Productivity competency: Microsoft Office 365, Microsoft Office, Exchange, Skype for Business and SharePoint
  • Data: Management & Analytics
    • Key technology for Data Analytics competency: SQL Server
  • App Builder
    • Key technology for App Builder competency: C#, Mobile Apps, Visual Studio, .NET, Framework 4.5, HTML5, SQLite, CSS3, Javascript, ASP.NET and MVC

Red Hat Certification – Red Hat offers IT certification that advances through the levels of Administrator, Engineer, and Architect, along with some specialties. Once a professional has earned a Red Hat certification, they can continue their IT training through Red Hat to recertify or advance. Recertification is needed every three years, and it can be by passing the current exam or advancing to the next level of expertise. As Red Hat certifications progress, the process to maintain them becomes more involved in order to keep the knowledge current.

Maintain IT Certifications for your team with Centriq

Centriq is a top level resource for maintaining IT certification for your company. We have the classes you need to become certified or get recertified, plus we are an authorized Pearson Vue certification testing center, so you can come to a familiar location to take your exams.

Our Corporate IT training options are great for IT teams and companies of all sizes, and can develop pricing plans to fit any budget. Visit our site or contact us today at 913.322.7062 or info@centriq.com to get more information on how we can help you sharpen the skills of your IT team and keep them up to date for your business.