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December 1 12:44 AM

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Why CompTIA Security+ is For You

Why CompTIA Security+ is For You

July 29, 2022 in Centriq News, CompTIA, Corporate IT Training, IT Career Program / by Centriq Training

Those in cyber security will attest that getting a CompTIA Security+ certification is a good idea if you’re looking to add credentials to your resume. This is a baseline certification exam that’s been recognized by the United States Department of Defense that meets requirements for obtaining certain positions and holds value to employers everywhere. 

What is Security+ Certification? 

The CompTIA Security+ certification requires you to be knowledgeable on all things related to cyber security, at least at a basic level.  

You’ll need to have a strong understanding of computer networks as well as other concepts like security protocols, firewalls, switches, ports, etc. If you’ve been interested in getting into a computer networking field, this is a great way to strengthen your background. 

CompTIA Security+ Study Guide 

Study guides can be found everywhere depending on what you’re looking for. Many people will go with the self-study route which will require materials such as review books, practice tests, and good time management skills. It’s best to include some sort of practice questions into your daily routine. This helps ensure that you’re on track with learning all of the topics while also familiarizing yourself with the formatting and phrasing of the test questions. 

Here at Centriq, we offer you CompTIA training courses – an easy way to stay on top of learning. We hold bootcamp-style training classes that touch on objectives that will appear on the CompTIA Security+ Exam. These are instructor-led courses with class discussions, group questions, virtual labs, and access to hundreds of practice questions.  

New classes start every few weeks and are available in person and virtually. Check out our schedule online to enroll in a study course with us. 

CompTIA Security+ Cert Bootcamp Training Class (Exam Included). 

CompTIA Security+ Exam Cost 

CompTIA exams require a voucher in order to schedule a testing time. These can be purchased through the CompTIA store and can be bundled with a variety of training bundles and materials. Some discounts are offered for members.  

The vouchers can also be purchased directly through the testing center, Pearson VUE, which honors any member discounts as well as partner discounts.  

Currently the price of a voucher for a single test sitting is $381 with additional increases in pricing if you decide to include add-ons such as an exam retake, study guides, practice questions, or learning courses. Prices are always subject to change so make sure to check for updated pricing beforehand.  

CompTIA Security+ Certification Salary 

There are a variety of IT and computer-related roles you can apply for once you’ve obtained a CompTIA Security+ certification. At the minimum, it serves as an entry-level credential for those seeking careers in cybersecurity while many will find that there are also salary perks associated as well.  

Many roles that require or would benefit from this include system administrators, security administrators, security specialists, security engineers, network administrators, and many others. While specific tasks and salaries can vary depending on where you work and who you’re working for, you’ll be pleased to know that there is plenty of potential there. Those in the lowest 10 percent average around $50k annually while those in the highest 10 percent are known to make anywhere near $134k. While this falls within a large range, most will average somewhere in between with a comfortable salary around $80k annually.  

Ready to pass your exam? Get started by enrolling in classes today! 

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