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CompTIA Network+: General Overview & How to Study

CompTIA Network+: General Overview & How to Study

August 9, 2022 in Centriq News, CompTIA, Corporate IT Training / by Andrea Pomatto

The CompTIA Network+ exam is for IT professionals that are looking reinforce that knowledge and backup their experiences with a certification. This is a computer-based test that includes a variety of questions that require a background in troubleshooting, configuring, and managing networks as well as problem solving.

What to Look for on the CompTIA Network+ Exam

Active versions of the exam are released and retired every few years which means the type of material that is covered can change depending on what’s current. For example, the N10-008 Certification covers networking fundamentals and implementations while the N10-007 Certification touches on networking concepts and infrastructure with some overlap in other topics.

How to Study for the CompTIA Network+ Exam

It’s strongly recommended that you have at least 9-12 months of experience with computer networking before taking the exam. This ensures that you’ve been thoroughly exposed to firsthand experience with the concepts. It’s important to obtain skills related to networks and network devices such as design, implementation, configuration, management, and troubleshooting.

There are many programs and courses online that can help get you ready for the exam. As with any exam, it’s important to fit in study time even if you are regularly working in an environment that covers networking. Studying is a good habit that will help you review topics and concepts that you aren’t using on a daily basis and shows you how prepared you are for an exam.

If you’re someone that needs structured studying or needs someone to hold you accountable, enrolling in a course is a great strategy. Specific training classes are available that cover the exact material you can expect to encounter. Here at Centriq, we offer multiple CompTIA training classes.

We offer a five-day course that touch on objectives that will appear on the CompTIA Network+ Exam. New classes start every few weeks and are available in person and virtually. Check out our schedule online to enroll in a study course with us.

CompTIA Network+ Training Class (Exam N10-008 Objectives).

How Many Questions on Network+ Exam?

This 90-minute exam covers no more than 90 questions all related to the topics of computer networks and network devices. This allots about a minute per question, giving you time to thoroughly think about your answers.

This exam is separated into two parts, a regular question and answer portion that consists of your standard multiple choice, drag and drop, and single response questions as well as a performance-based portion. The Performance-Based Questions (PBC) stimulate an IT environment where you’ll be tested on your problem-solving skills.

To pass the exam and obtain your certification, you’ll need to score a minimum of 720 on a 100–900-point scale. The results are available immediately after you’ve completed the test, so you’ll know right away whether or not you’ve passed.

CompTIA Network+ Exam Cost

Exams can be taken through a Pearson VUE testing center through the purchase of an exam voucher. Costs vary depending on the bundle you decide to opt-in for. Those that are just looking to take the exam can expect to pay $348 for a voucher that gets you a testing time.

CompTIA offers additional options for those that are also looking to add exam retakes, study guides, practice sets, or courses to their bundle. These prices can be found on the CompTIA website and range between $449 and $999.

Where to Take CompTIA Exams

When you’re satisfied with your studying and ready to take the exam, you can schedule a testing time through Pearson VUE testing centers. They make it easy to book a time directly through the website, by phone, or in-person at their physical sites.

These are convenient and flexible bookings offered at multiple times and can be taken in=person or online. The online certification is especially ideal for those who have limited schedules or can’t make it to a testing center. It offers a secure method of testing 24/7 which means you have freedom over your exact testing time.

Ready to pass your exam? Get started by enrolling in classes today!