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November 29 06:13 PM

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Centriq Training Reviews in Kansas City & St. Louis

Centriq Training Reviews in Kansas City & St. Louis

November 15, 2018 in IT Career Program Reviews / by Elizabeth Granada


With so many choices available to students when it comes to IT career training, it helps to get an insider’s perspective on the effectiveness of each program. Here we’ve collected student and alumni feedback and ratings from several sources to share with you.

Course Report Review

From the IT-focused Course Report:

“Centriq is the best thing that ever happened to me. I used my GI Bill to complete the .NET coding side of Centriq and it was the best experience of my life. It’s WELL worth the time and money, it’s an investment in your future.” – Gary, 5 Stars


Social Media Reviews

Social media and discussion websites are great places to find unsolicited comments and reviews of schools and businesses. It can be helpful to read about the experiences and opinions of students who have participated in a particular program or class. Below are comments and ratings on Centriq Training courses from various 3rd party sites:

“I’m incredibly satisfied with the services provided. I went through the developer track. It’s a job you pay for to get the experience needed that employers will trust. To make the most of your money and training: go beyond what is required, listen to instructor recommendations, have fun with the code, appreciate the connections you’ll make, and all the hard work will bare fruit.” – Aaron Duckworth

“When I graduated high school, I had no idea what career path I wanted to take with my life. I thought about a lot of different careers, but I couldn’t decide. Little did I know that not even a year later I’d be halfway done with Centriq Training’s Web-Development Program. I’ve learned so much during these two months I’m surprised I’ve only scratched the surface! Today we learned about Identity’s, and boy did Eric Reid blow not just my mind, but the entire classes as well. I’m excited for what else there is to come!” -Tyler Allmon

“Centriq is the best! 4 months after I started Centriq I have a job in my desired field at an AMAZING company. Thank you to everyone at Centriq!” – Gary Bingham

“Time’s flying by deep within Centriq Training’s Career Program. It’s sad as I’m having a blast but it’s okay as my class/teammates and I are starting to see things really come together. Pitmaster Chuck Wieners is the oracle we needed helping us to understand what it is to be a TEAM, review content that needed reviewing and to show us what it’ll take to finish strong. Chuck gives it to you straight from a seemingly endless well of knowledge and life experience. He’s just another example of how amazing the staff at Centriq Training is and how much they care. What a special place.” -Doug McKinney 


Website Reviews

We have also collected some helpful testimonials from our own site here at Centriq:

“I served in the United States Army as a military police officer for twenty years. After retiring, I thought about getting back into police work but I knew I needed more stable hours and better pay to support my family. After graduating from Centriq, I accepted a position as a Service Desk Analyst. My new career not only allows me to work in a field I love, but also gives me the flexibility to have a personal life with my kids and hobbies… something that was very hard to balance while serving in the military.” -Josh Martin

“I had been in sales for the past six years and was tired of chasing unrealistic sales quotas. I was thirty years old with a girlfriend and two kids to support, so I knew I needed a more fulfilling career with a better income. Centriq gave me just that! I was hired as a software developer and love my new career. My girlfriend and I were able to get married and buy a house with the income boost. I also have a flexible schedule and the option to work remotely which allows me to be there for my kids for school events, or when they’re sick.” -David Doherty

“I was working in the hospitality and retail management industries and there just wasn’t enough of a challenge creatively in it to keep my mind as engaged as it needed to be. I needed a job I actually enjoyed doing. I enjoyed the level of interactive instruction at Centriq, without a doubt. The trainers made all the difference in the world. I’ve found that graduates of this program are respected by companies all over the Midwest. It’s a fantastic reputation to be a part of.” -Heather Downing

For more testimonials and student/alumni feedback, you can visit our Reviews page here. You can also find a collection of social media posts, video reviews from our graduates about their new careers, and feedback from students about their unique classroom experiences.

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