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Schedule and Tuition Funding

Centriq’s TechSmart KC does not operate on a semester basis. Our four-month tracks begin at different times during the year. We offer both day tracks and evening tracks.


Centriq offers both day and evening class options. Daytime tracks last approximately four months. Evening tracks last approximately eight months. There are several self-study weeks built into each track to give the students an opportunity to catch up on any areas that they would like to review.

Here are our upcoming track starts:

Date Day/Eve Track
Apr 10
Systems & Security Administrator
Apr 17
Systems & Security Administrator
May 01
Full-Stack Web Developer
May 08
Systems & Security Administrator


TechSmart KC tuition varies based upon the program you choose. Generally, our tuition approximates the cost of attending college for one year. This reflects the fact that the number of actual classroom (or “contact”) hours of our TechSmart KC program is generally equivalent to the classroom hours of two semesters of traditional college.

Our students take advantage of multiple methods of funding their training.

Student Loans: The TechSmart KC program is eligible for private student loan funding through Sallie Mae. These student loans can cover your entire tuition (which includes your program laptop, all books, certification exam costs and all placement assistance) and also enable you to defer your loan payments for one year to give you time to complete the program and find your new job before payments begin. In addition, there is also the option to borrow additional funds, if necessary, to cover living expenses while you attend training.

GI Bill: The TechSmart KC program is eligible for both Montgomery and the Post 9/11 GI Bill funding. Over 20% of TechSmart KC students are veterans funding their training with these benefits. Our staff is very knowledgeable and can help you navigate the VA regulations.

Government: Many students have also accessed various government programs to fund or partially fund their tuition including Workforce Investment Act, Trade Act and Vocation Rehabilitation funds.

Other: Many students have utilized a combination of the above sources as well as other miscellaneous sources such as personal bank loans, loans from relatives, cash and certain alternative loan funding through Centriq.

Funding Questions: Sr. Education Consultant Russ Mondry works with hundreds of students every year – each with a different financial situation – to help secure funding to finance new careers. If you have any questions or doubts about funding your training, contact Russ to discuss your options.

Mike Greer Centriq.

“I was concerned about funding for tuition. Russ walked me through all of the options and helped find one that worked for me. I’m glad I didn’t assume I’d never be able to qualify. Thank you Russ!”

Mike Greer Service Desk Coordinator (2015)

Learn more about funding options.

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