Benefits of Instructor-Led Classes over Online Computer Courses
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Benefits of Instructor Led Training Classes over Self-Paced Online Classes to Achieve a Computer Certification

Benefits of Instructor Led Training Classes over Self-Paced Online Classes to Achieve a Computer Certification

January 27, 2017 in Corporate IT Training / by Sara Lamb

It’s critical to all businesses that employees have the skills to properly use the tools at their disposal. This is no different for individuals within IT, but it can sometimes be a challenge to convince a Manager or non-IT decision maker to invest in Certification training, especially if one option costs more than another. You have to educate the person paying for training on the benefits of Instructor Led Classes over Self-Paced Online Classes when you’re in need of training for a technology certification.

Passing a Certification test can be challenging in itself, so at Centriq, we believe that the power of face-to-face education from an instructor makes the prep work easier and your chances to succeed even greater. Here’s why:


Teamwork is important in any work environment and any training or activity that can engage employees is well worth the investment. For this reason, many companies choose instructor-led classes that will allow their employees to collaborate with IT professionals from other companies and the instructor (who can share their real world experience in addition to their expertise).

Utilizing Self-Pace Online classes when seeking a computer certification can leave little room for employees to interact with each other, as they are exclusively engaging with the material on the computer. They learn important information, but they don’t learn more than what is included in the course or labs and they’re learning alone.



Online classes are often broken up into modules that you can go through at your own pace from your desk. While this can seem convenient, it can actually be distracting and detrimental to the learning process. Detrimental in the fact that you could be so distracted by your desk and work tasks, you have difficulty focusing on the training and miss a key component needed to pass the computer certification exam.

An instructor-led class is a small group (typically 10-12 people) that is isolated away from the demands of work. It is a more immersive learning experienced that is totally centered on the task at hand. You are less likely to be distracted by emails, support tickets or other people around you, making you more likely to learn faster and more effectively.



Online computer certification courses follow and teach standardized material, but sometimes this inflexibility and lack of customization can hinder your understanding of the material. Everyone has their own unique learning style and background knowledge when they begin their certification training and it is difficult for an online course to reflect those differences.

The instructor led courses at Centriq Training have the benefit of a live, knowledgeable, and certified teacher on-site who can evaluate the needs of each unique class and student and then adjust their delivery of the information to suit them best. An experienced instructor can help direct the class toward industry-specific applications of their new knowledge, lay the foundation for continuing education and skill-building in this area, and address any questions about the certification exam they may have along the way. Instead of one-size fits all, you get exactly what the students need to succeed.



Having an instructor administer your computer certification training materials makes for a more collaborative, engaging, and personalized experience that will stay with you and your team even after you’ve passed your exam(s).

Centriq Training has the certification training classes you need, experts that know the material and more than 25 years of experience helping IT professionals pass their certification exams. Take a look at our class schedule today and or contact us for more information here.