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September 25 03:05 AM

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Strengthen your skills from home

Strengthen your skills from home

August 20, 2020 in Centriq News, Corporate IT Training / by Centriq Training

As COVID continues to alter the workplace, organizations are understanding that the “work from home” evolution requires not just improved technical skills but also improved “soft skills” such as more efficient communication, effective project management as new processes are implemented and even greater time management. Here are some of the most popular classes Centriq customers are taking this fall to close “soft skills gaps” as we adjust to the new workplace environment.

1.      Use Microsoft Teams for effective communication

COVID has helped make Microsoft Teams is the fastest growing Office 365 (now Microsoft 365) application ever for Microsoft. No doubt almost everyone in your organization is now on Teams. The question is how effectively and efficiently are they using it?  With major new updates and features released in August and more on the way, is your team taking advantage of all the communication and collaboration tools?  We have several different ways to help. Sign up for our 2-day bootcamp here.

See what’s new in Microsoft Teams with our upcoming webinar! Details and registration here.

Ask your Account Executive about our Dedicated End User Training for your team.

2.      Keep on task with Time Management training

Working from home has disrupted routines for employees everywhere, and many people had to relearn how to perform their daily tasks in a new environment. With these changes, it can be challenging for staff to create effective boundaries for their new work/life balance. By training your staff how to effectively manage their time, you can create a more stable environment helping increase productivity and efficiencies. Sign up for our half-day Time Management course here.

3.      Instill best practices in IT governance through ITIL® 4

No matter the size of your IT department, it is important to keep everyone working effectively and efficiently with IT governance. By adopting best practices for your IT team such as ITIL®, you will not only improve your IT competence, productivity, and capabilities, but it will also help you build better relationships with both your customers and those within your organization. (Read more why your staff needs ITIL® training.) Sign up for ITIL® 4 Foundation here.

4.      Work effectively wherever you are with Microsoft 365 (formerly Office 365)

Everyone on your workforce can benefit from Microsoft 365 training (read more on Office 365 is now Microsoft 365). After you have mastered using Teams, see how all the apps available in your Office 365 subscription can help you and your staff work productively anywhere they are. Use SharePoint Online to store your documents and files for your team, navigate your projects with Microsoft Planner, and more! By using Microsoft 365, your team can confidently work in the office, from home, or on the road. Read more about Microsoft 365 and Your Remote Workforce.

Sign up for our SharePoint Online Bootcamp here.

Sign up for our Office 365 User Bootcamp here.

5.      Keep projects on schedule with Agile Master and Scrum Master Certifications and PMP Certifications

For technical and non-technical staff, focus on how to successfully execute major projects with an Agile or PMP certification. Successful project management is beneficial to not only those leading the project but also to everyone involved every step of the way. By having a clear outline of expectations for each project within your team or organization, you can make sure everyone is working not only effectively, but also as efficiently as possible. Sign up for Agile Master and Scrum Master certification here. Sign up for PMP Certification here.


As the modern workplace continually changes, it is important to invest in your team now by helping them adapt.  Training is the key component to adopting new and improved skills to thrive in the new workplace. Not sure where to start or what classes work best for your team? Contact us or fill out the form below and one of our account executives can help get you started!